Dead Man’s Rest

Small update to say that all of the character expressions for Hollis’s route are programmed in! Though we say they are 100% done, we do actually change/tweak them a fair amount in later passes. Sometimes the expression change sequence doesn’t work as well as you imagine when playing through the game, or you need more reactionary expression changes from the other character you’re talking to. We’ll be moving on to adding in expressions for Cartwright’s route next. Perhaps because image/sound is easier to implement, we procrastinate on those passes…

You can catch us working on Dead Man’s Rest during various dev streams over on Twitch. Programming progress continues to be slow but steady!

Hollis route status - Character expressions: 100% - Image transitions: 0% - Sound: 0%

Taza route status - Character expressions: 95% - Image transitions: 10% - Sound: 5%

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