Dead Man’s Rest

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Howdy folks! Long time no see.

We’re gearing up for an early access release of Dead Man’s Rest, coming July 16, so mark your calendars!

Here’s how the early access release will work.

  • On itch/Steam: The game will be available at a discount while in early access. When the game exits early access, the price will rise. You’ll still receive access to an Android copy in a similar state as the PC versions.
  • On Google Play: Hollis’s route will not be available for purchase. The full game will not be available for purchase as a whole. You’ll still be able to purchase individual routes.

What’s missing in early access?

  • 1 CG from Cartwright’s route
  • 2 CGs from Hollis’s route

Why early access?

It’s been a few months since we hoped to have the game out, and there’s not too much missing that prevents players from enjoying the game. Our CG artist has had some personal circumstances to attend to, so we’ll continue to wait for the remaining CGs to be complete before releasing the game in full. We’d rather not completely lock out Hollis’s route until the CGs are ready because it complicates future updates and pricing. You can always wait until they’re ready before playing his route!

Dead Man's RestDead Man's Rest

See you next time!