Dead Man’s Rest

We’ve finished programming all the core materials of the demo! It’s actually two days early (internal deadline of Friday).

A reminder that you can still sign up for the demo beta happening this weekend (copied from the last post):

EDIT: If you are already on the Argent Games server, please add yourself to the demo using a reaction role in #roles-assignment as well as fill out the form below. You must be in the Argent Games server to participate in the demo beta

We’re opening signups to beta the DMR demo! Just fill out this Google Form:

Discord is required to access the beta. We will be using a private #dmr-beta channel in the Argent Games Discord server The beta is scheduled for Nov 21-23, and the demo is about 16k words long (45min-1.5hrs). We’re planning on releasing the demo before the end of the month :)

Reintroducing the characters again as the updated sprites roll in!

Taza’s facial expressions refuse to stay put, so we have to use ridiculous random numbers to put them back into place.

Lee is actually properly shirtless in this case.

A small hiccup with layers. Locked choices in the demo are for the routes! You will not be able to unlock the choices during the demo beta.

See you next time!