Dead Man’s Rest

EDIT: If you are already on the Argent Games server, please add yourself to the demo using a reaction role in #roles-assignment. You must be in the Argent Games server to participate in the demo beta

We’re opening signups to beta the DMR demo! Just fill out this Google Form:

Discord is required to access the beta. We will be using a private #dmr-beta channel in the Argent Games Discord server The beta is scheduled for Nov 21-23, and the demo is about 16k words long (45min-1.5hrs). We’re planning on releasing the demo before the end of the month :)

Reintroducing the characters again as the updated sprites roll in!

The GUI has changed a bit since last time. We’re pretty sure even back in the late 1800s, you should not be walking around in public establishments without being properly dressed.

See you next time!