Dead Man’s Rest

We’re back! After a hiatus due to SCU work over at AG, we can now devote time to working on DMR again. Here’s an iteration of the GUI:

Sprites are also getting a slight update! They’ll be a little more aggressive to fit the setting.

We’re also adjusting the resolution of the game down from 1080p => 720p because it gives us more flexibility with the backgrounds, and there were some lagging issues with the animated background. The adjustment comes with some accidents in the generic GUI though!

We have an internal deadline for the demo, so as that gets closer and it looks like we’ll be able to hit it, we’ll make the public announcement! Unfortunately, the previously estimated complete game release date won’t be hit (Q4 2020). SCU took up a bit more time than expected, so those plans made months ago have required adjusting.

See you next time!